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Photoshop Drop Shadow Technique to make realistic images

Virtual image editing process has grown widely and for every little product, image editing is a must. A lot of image editing process is done with the Photoshop it works great for the E-commerce images. Most of the images are altered with Photoshop as it provides vast numbers of image editing services. Much other software can be also used but they will not provide the same quality of the images as the Photoshop, it provides all the editing processes that an image might need. Some techniques are even in many numbers to manipulate the image without any delay.

Clipping path is the most important basic work of Photoshop where the subject is clipped from the image to change the background into something more interesting. The clipping has the main purpose of background removal service as it selects the subject only detaches everything from it. Firstly the layers are unlocked and then the clipping is done to select the product and detach it from the image then the background layer is deleted …

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